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The diagnosis of dicroceliosis is established on the basis of generic furosemide pills picture of the disease, epidemiological history data (contact with vegetation in pastoral areas) and laboratory results. The diagnosis is confirmed by the detection of helminth eggs in the duodenal contents and feces. Treatment of dicroceliosis is carried out in the hospital with chloxyloma according to the scheme. preparationt is taken after meals for 2 days, washed down with milk. The prognosis is favorable.

The eggs of the lanceolate fluke, a parasitic flatworm (trematode) of the genus Dicrocoelium, are highly resistant to environmental factors. They withstand temperatures down to -23 ВєРЎ (in some cases - up to -50 ВєРЎ) and tolerate drying at room temperature for a week.

Transfer of eggs is carried out with the feces of the final host. The intermediate hosts of the lanceolate fluke are land snails and ants, the final hosts are domestic and wild animals, as well as humans. The prevalence of the disease correlates with the presence of intermediate hosts under conditions favorable for the development of the parasite. Human infection can occur when an infectious agent is inadvertently ingested along with food (vegetables, fruits), as well as when an ant is accidentally swallowed. Children get infected more often than adults.

Human dicroceliosis occurs in acute and chronic forms. The acute form usually lasts only a few days and then becomes chronic, which can last for years, provoking the occurrence of concomitant diseases.

Left untreated, dicroceliosis can lead to buy generic furosemide online damage (chronic hepatitis). In rare cases, dicroceliosis can be complicated by biliary cirrhosis of the liver. Dicroceliosis can be asymptomatic for a relatively long time. The incubation period is not defined. At the beginning of the disease, signs of intoxication prevail, to which, in proportion to the development of the disease, symptoms are added, provoked by liver damage. In addition, the patient may experience symptoms caused by a secondary bacterial infection and other pathologies that have joined the helminthiasis.

The lanceolate fluke parasitizes in the human liver and gallbladder, and this is the reason for the symptoms of the disease.

For the acute stage are characteristic. When the pathology passes into a chronic form, it is noted. Standard scheme for the diagnosis of human dicroceliosis. Differential diagnosis of the disease with other helminthic invasions is carried out.

Medical treatment of dicroceliasis. The drugs of choice are anthelmintic drugs with an oral or parenteral route of administration.

When eating the liver of cattle or small ruminants infected with the lanceolate fluke, transit helminth eggs can be found in the feces. Therefore, in order to buy lasix online obtaining false positive results, a few days before the study of feces, it is necessary to exclude the liver and its processed products from the diet. If necessary, analgesic and (or) antispasmodic drugs, hepatoprotectors, vitamins and iron preparations are added to the scheme. In case of accession of a secondary bacterial infection, antibacterial agents are used.

During treatment, the patient is prescribed a diet rich in protein, fatty and fried foods, alcohol are excluded from the diet.

Possible complications and consequences. Left untreated, dicroceliosis can lead to liver damage (chronic hepatitis). In rare cases, dicroceliosis can be complicated by biliary cirrhosis of the liver. With timely adequate treatment, the prognosis is favorable. Measures to prevent infection with fluke lanceolate include. Video from YouTube on the topic of the article.

The information is generalized and is provided for informational purposes only. Seek medical attention at the first sign of illness.

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